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Real-Time Dynamic Diagnosis

Accuratly predict user skills with minimum items using dynamic diagnosis.

Diagnose user scores
with accuracy in 5 minutes.

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Diagnosis TestAnalysis Service

Provides real-time predictions of scores on each response. Usually, 6~10 problems is sufficient to diagnose the score.

What can you do with
Santa Real-Time Dynamic Diagnosis?

  • GROUND.1

    Predict score with 6 problems

    The Santa Real-Time Dynamic Diagnosis recommends the most effective problems for fast and effective diagnosis.

  • GROUND.2

    Manage weaknesses from diagnosis results

    Santa Real-Time Dynamic Diagnosis also gives prescriptive advices and informative feedbacks in addition to accurate score predictions.

  • GROUND.3

    Use 8 APIs to build in a week.

    Build a new service in a week using the APIs of Santa Real-Time Dynamic Diagnosis.

  • GROUND.4

    Algorithms based on Education Theory

    The diagnosis system of Riiid is a machine learning system which consists of ideas from Item Response Theory(IRT) and Neural Collaborative Filtering(NCF). This gives more efficient and effective predictions than other models.

The end-to-end technology set for
Real-time diagnosis

AI UI Services

Personalized diagnosis,
in 5 minutes.

Real-time Dynamic Diagnosis is the signature technology of santA.Inside. Experience the technology in a realized service by pressing the start button.

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We have reliable technologies
for accurate dynamic diagnosis.

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